Best bits and full shows from Early Breakfast, Weekend Breakfast, and weekday cover for Scott Mills/Greg James. All music has been edited out, but news bulletins are typically left in for posterity.

Incomplete recording hosted on RadioAssistant and linked to here. Includes chat about how Dev uses the same theme tune as Danny Baker, how he's discovered he's a Twilight fan.

Dev sits in for Greg James.

Dev sits in for Greg James.

Dev presents the early breakfast show, warming up for the final ever edition of The Chris Moyles Show.

Dev does early breakfast, building up to the launch of the brand new Radio 1 Breakfast Show with Nick Grimshaw.

The first show in Dev's last week of Early Breakfast. Includes I'm Here All Week.

Dev's last week of Early Breakfast - Tuesday. Includes the final Decode the Load and I'm Here All Week.

Dev's last week of Early Breakfast - Wednesday. Includes I'm Here All Week and the final Dyer Watch.

Dev's last week of Early Breakfast - Thursday. Includes I'm Here All Week and the final Lucky Last Night.

The Final Early Breakfast Show - 28/03/2014
Dev's final Early Breakfast show. Includes I'm Here All Week, Supergood Friday and Superbad Girls.

The First Weekend Breakfast Show - 29/03/2014
Dev's first Weekend Breakfast Show. Includes Sports Stars, Whosbeat and messages from weekend DJs.

Dev's second Weekend Breakfast show. Includes Mother's Day Quiz and Sports Stars.

The Radio 1 Breakfast Show with Dev - 22/04/2014
Nick Grimshaw is sick, so Dev sits in with the breakfast show. Includes Show Quizness, chat about Dev's poor eating habits (again), and THAT often referenced interview with Kaizser.

Dev and Matt talk about the Radio 1 Beds - 07/06/2014
Dev's got a text about the Radio 1 beds, which then leads to a conversation with Matt Edmondson about the strange names they're given.

Dev in for Scott Mills 03/09/2014
Dev sits in on Scott Mills' show.

The Library Game - 15/09/2014
Dev (sitting in for Greg James) has had a brilliant idea for a new game - but it doesn't go quite to plan. Including news bulletin.

Incomplete recording - only up to 07:30. All music edited out.

Dev in for Scott Mills 14/10/2014
All music edited out.

Dev and the Small Fire - 21/12/2014
Dev talks about accidentally starting a small fire at the show Christmas Party.

Includes chat about The Voice, Rhianna's Bargain Bin Review, and a workout with Charlie Sloth.

Dev Sends Rhianna to Watch Fifty Shades - 12/02/2015
Radio 1's Buff Movie Buff Rhianna Dhillon is going to watch Fifty Shades of Grey later in the evening, so Dev is sending her off with a few things she'll need.

Show Intro - 15/02/2015
Dev starts the show as he means to go on- in his usual ropey style.

The Bass Cannon is back! - 15/02/2015
The music in the first half hour was a bit too mellow, so Dev dusts off the old Bass Cannon for the first time in almost a year to wake people up.

Dev Gets Overexcited with the Echo Machine - 15/02/2015
Dev's accidentally discovered how the echo machine works, which leads to him getting carried away during First Text.

Dev Tries a New Way of Starting the Show - 01/03/2015
Dev decided to start the show by playing some music instead of talking at 6:00- and it definitely wasn't just because he was late.

Zane Lowe Handover - 04/03/2015
Dev's invited himself to Zane's new house in LA.

Dev's Never Won Anything - 05/03/2015
Dev is discussing how he's never won anything with Chris Smith With the News, after a man won an International Hair Freezing Contest. He hears from the (joint) world champion of playing the paper and comb.

The Final Zane Lowe Handover - 05/03/2015
On Zane Lowe's last day, Dev had the honour of doing the last ever handover with him.

The Return of Lucky Last Night - 21/03/2015
Dev's got a new game! Except it's actually an old game. Which is actually a new game. Well it's an old game with a new twist.

My Weekend Sounds Like - 05/04/2015
The second edition of the new game, My Weekend Sounds Like.

Dev Fills In on the 10pm Show - 06/04/2015 [Incomplete]
Annie Mac was off. Huw Stephens was filling in for Annie Mac. Phil Taggart was in for Huw Stephens. Phil Taggart was ill. Dev sat in for Phil Taggart who was sitting for Huw Stephens who was sitting in for Annie Mac. Except that Huw Stephens was also ill that day so Dev was in for Phil Taggart who was in for Huw Stephens, who was being filled in for by DJ Target, who was in for Annie Mac. You follow? This recording is incomplete.

Dev Fills In on the 10pm Show - 07/04/2015 [Incomplete]
Dev did Huw Stephens' 10pm show for a two day stint. This recording is incomplete.

Dev Disgraced Himself on a Zipwire - 11/04/2015
Dev tells the story of the time he wet himself, whilst on a zipwire on a school trip.

My Weekend Sounds Like - 12/04/2015
The third edition of My Weekend Sounds Like. By week three, it's started to vaguely make sense.

My Weekend Sounds Like - 19/04/2015
The fourth edition of My Weekend Sounds Like. Dev's still hammering it until it works!

My Weekend Sounds Like - 26/04/2015
The fifth edition of My Weekend Sounds Like. It now has its own theme music!
The Official Chart Show with Dev - 03/05/2015
Dev sits in for Clara Amfo on the Official Chart Show. Includes an interview between Scott Mills and Carly Rae Jepsen. Also a little bit of Dan P Carter at the end.

New Show Opener - 9/01/2016
Dev's got some new opening music. But is it too funky for 6am?

Restarting the Show - 9/01/2016
After the show being unusually ropey between 6 and 8 am, Dev tried to restart the show to make it more intelligent sounding for Jesse Buckley.

Dev is live from LA... sort of. Plus, First Text of the Day, a bread based Which is Better, a gaming challenge with 1Xtra's Nick Bright, feedback from first time listeners, and a catchup with Hayley, the January Gym Joiner.

Dev Messes Up the Beginning of the Chart
Scott very slickly throws to Dev for the Official Chart, and... nothing.

Dev sits in for Greg James.

Dev sits in for Scott Mills in the run up to Christmas.

Dev presents Radio 1's Christmas Day Breakfast Show.

Dev does his show on Boxing Day.

Dev has new jingles, plays Heads or Tails, does Request Roulette, and plays My Weekend Sounds.

Dev and Alice - 17/03/2018
The first "new" weekend breakfast show with Dev and Alice.