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#SaveGregandChris: Sadly, when Greg James takes over the Radio 1 Breakfast Show, he won't be joined by Chris Smith With the News! This is a tragedy and a huge mistake - those two are brilliant together. Sign and share the petition to keep them together here

Welcome to the Radio 1 Archive. Here you can find a large and continually increasing number of clips and full shows broadcast on BBC Radio 1. There are also (almost) complete podcast archives for Greg James and The Matt Edmondson Show.

Whilst I only record things I find of interest to me, if you have other recordings that you would like to share, please email them to or send me a cloud link, which I will put on here and give credit to you.

There are also links on here to airchecks uploaded to the RadioAssistant SoundCloud account - I didn't record these and I'm not responsible for this account, but I've linked to it here for convenience and to attempt to make this a comprehensive directory of all Radio 1 clips knocking about on the internet. 

For the best listening experience, I would recommend downloading the clips, because the Google Drive streaming facility isn't all that great, especially for larger files which take an age to buffer, and you can't skip forward or back. I've made the move over to for the hosting of full shows, which is a much better platform, but I don't know if and when I'll do this for the clips, even more so the rather sizeable podcast archives.

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Enjoy the archive!

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